Let's Make This The Greatest Season Ever!


  • Everyone cheers for every good play in every game...period.

  • Everyone elevates character and fun over winning!

  • Every child is considered equally valuable and receives equal attention!

  • Every game is more about sportsmanship, attitude, and fair play rather than performance!

  • Every coach works with every coach to make game day a positive experience!

  • Every kid is taught how to be successful in life! (For example: OVSP kids obey their parents immediately, exactly and cheerfully. WOW! That's good stuff!)

  • Every parent works with every parent to encourage and support one another.

  • Everyone gives respect and love to the referees with NO jeering...ever!

At OVSP we believe that every child is destined to be a superstar as a spouse, parent, leader, employee, student, friend, and community servant. Therefore, we seek to share with them the true source of their real significance. We are committed to providing our community with a non-competitive soccer league that keeps the main thing the main thing, which is serving our community, supporting the family, and strengthening kids. Here at OVSP kids can be kids and fun is never overshadowed by the pressure of competition.