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OVSP Picture Day

Ocean View Sports Park will be taking team pictures on Saturday, October 6th, beginning at 8:00am. Team and individual pictures are available to purchase, please see ordering information on the reverse side. Teams should be present at the field and ready for their picture based on the following schedule.

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Helpful League Information

Here is some helpful league information to kick the season off on the right foot. Games begin tomorrow and with that comes the schedules and questions associated with being where you need to be and when you need to be there. The following information will help you accomplish just that with a handle on where to get the best information and who to contact.

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OVSP is Giving Soccer Back to the Kids!

With our inaugural season just beginning we thank you for entrusting your kids into our care. We are excited to serve the community, support the family, and strengthen kids here in the South Bay! With over 80 kids participating (K-3rd grade), we are grateful for this vibrant beginning and look forward to many seasons to come!

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